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Thanks for dropping by! I started this blog because for the majority of the last five years I’ve experienced and learned so many things that the average person cannot fathom dealing with on a regular basis. This is a blessing and a curse. I’ve come to realize that I need to take what I’ve seen and share it with the world in an effort to raise awareness of humanitarian issues I face everyday. I’m coming to you from the heart of the opioid epidemic and my goal is to expand knowledge, understanding and to share ideas with you. Please feel free to share your experiences, your ideas, and your hope.


Author: Andrea Antczak

I'm a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor III and I've been working in inpatient and outpatient settings in Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio for the last five years.

2 thoughts on “Intro”

  1. Thank you for your insightful thoughts. Your blog really spoke to me and my current circumstances. You said what so many of us are desperately seeking to find – I know most of my life, I’ve often sought happiness outwardly, afraid to face my inner demons, or at the very least, afraid to allow another to view them. It’s kind of crazy how we humans self sabotage without really being aware of the plan(s) ….sometimes ones that were set in motion months or even years before! Reflection has been such a great tool for me, which I’ve been trying to do daily, along with journaling – I guess a sort of version of your daily meditation – it’s what has allowed me to really see some of my own faults, as well as how I’ve contributed or NOT contributed to problematic areas of my life. My dad always told me that after the age of 30, I only had myself to blame for the direction my life traveled …. until then I had permission to blame my parents 😉 . He was right though about the “only myself” part. Like you state so eloquently, it’s hardest to look inward, yet it must be our starting point – without the knowledge of what makes me happy, without the understanding of who I really am, how can I ever expect another person to fill that role? I am tired of all the outward frivolities that we place so much importance on. I agree with you – many times unhappy starts within, not by placing the blame on all those around you. It’s a hard thing to admit and work on but it is making me feel slowly better, it takes time to heal, to forgive oneself, to not feel like a total loser ;), and to relearn what kind of person is looking back in the mirror. If like me, possibly that person is someone that was lost so long ago, it seems impossible that they can be found – but I am living proof that the journey can begin within, and though I haven’t reaped any tangible rewards yet, I know that I’ve made the responsible choice, and that this will map my life’s destination towards my true north. So here I’m on this crazy journey, seeking words of wisdom and advice to help me stay focused – so how awesome to stumble upon your blog! 😊 I thank you for writing it, and giving me some peace that I am choosing wisely. Many blessings!


    1. Thank you so much for reaching out and I’m honored to know that my blog was helpful to you! One message like that makes it worth it. I have neglected my blog over the last several months due to starting a new job and a new business, but I won’t neglect it again. Congrats on starting your journey, I know it’s not a smooth ride, and challenges will knock you off center now and then, but it’s all worth it. Keep journaling and looking inward, you will find out more and more that you deserve your forgiveness and you are far from being a total loser 🙂 You are a survivor and your journey of healing will make you stronger and more insightful than you ever though possible! I promise!


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